About the Company

Vanlid Transmission AB is a company created 1982 by Leif-Åke Vanlid and have during almost 30 years delivered transmission products to the industry. The first years mainly consisted of products like chains, sprockets and supplements for these articles. By the end of the eighties the company's profile changed. The main target transfered to gears and special client designed details.
The year 2005 Fenix Transmission AB was acquired. Fenix has wide range of clients in production industries, process industries and wood industries. Fenix Transmission has a profound knowledge of belts and belt wheels as well as for other transmission products.
The year 2008 Ronson Transmission AB was acquired. They have great knowledge about transmission products with a special interest in chain transmissions.
These two companies are now daughter companies to Vanlid Transmission AB

2012 saw a major change when the company was sold to OEM International. In an more increasingly competitive environment, the need arised strong owner, and we are confident that we have found the right partner in OEM. Together we are stronger and can further enhance our commitment to our customers.
All activities are now taking place under Vanlid Transmission AB. Our three companies have merged into one, for a better and more effecient setup against our clients.

Quite often we look at the yearly need for our clients, which we then stock at our ware house and send to the clients according to their needs during the year.This we do for both small and big quantities.

Through the two company purcases and the fact that we early established co-operations with the leading producers in Europe and Asia, we are today well equiped to supply all kinds of transmission products, both standard and special.

In our own workshop at Hultsfred, we make customer adjustments of the details and with the help of local workshops we offer a wide range of services for special needs. We can, for example, help you with welding of plates on conveyor chains production of special v-belt pulleys etc etc.